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Test your trivia

Give your brain a workout this month with Figtree’s quick-fire quiz. Perfect for long car journeys or rainy afternoons, you’ll need the whole family to crack all twenty questions.


1. What’s the capital of Canada?
2. What’s the largest brass instrument in an orchestra?
3. What’s the highest mountain in Africa?
4. What’s the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
5. What’s the chemical symbol for sodium chloride?
6. When did the second world war start and end?
7. Which planet comes between Mars and Saturn?
8. How many sides does a 50p coin have?
9. Which country is known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’?
10. How many bones does the human face have?
11. In which Dickens novel was Miss Havisham jilted on her wedding day?
12. Which artist is famous for his paintings of sunflowers?
13. What was the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl?
14. What did the Romans use a hypocaust for?
15. What title was given to the rulers of Ancient Egypt?
16. What was the name of the Kung Fu Panda in the film of the same name?
17. What’s the chemical symbol for gold?
18. Which sport takes place in a velodrome?
19. What’s the most expensive property on a standard British monopoly board?
20. Which country has the highest population?


Cracked it? Drop the Figtree team an email and we’ll send you the answers.

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