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Geography tutoring

Presentation. Communication. Teamwork. This key humanity goes far beyond contours and climate, and a solid understanding of geography at any level is an excellent grounding for a variety of further studies.

We hand-select our geography tutors for their knowledge and their passion. Well-read, well-travelled and well-equipped, they’ve worked with students of all ages, across countries and curricula.

Mapping out success

With an emphasis on practical study, our private geography tutors draw on case studies and past papers to shed new light on this thought-provoking subject. As with all of our tuition, each lesson is tailored by age, ability and ambition, to create engaging and immersive sessions.

Our private geography tutors focus on the course content, as well as working on key learning techniques. Working effectively under pressure – and in timed conditions – means knowing how to read the question correctly, and how to avoid silly mistakes. So we make sure lessons dedicate time to exam strategy and quick thinking, so students feel confident and well-prepared for whatever comes their way.

Our Philosophy

Taking inspiration – and our name – from an ancient symbol of knowledge, we want Figtree to embody both the wisdom of experience and the power of continual growth.

We understand that by choosing Figtree as your tutoring agency, you’re putting your trust and your child’s future – or your future – in our hands. And that’s not a responsibility we take lightly. That’s why we’re always ready to go the extra mile – whether that’s checking-in outside hours, providing a unique support network for our tutors to tap into, or simply offering a listening ear when you need us.

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