Academic assessments .
Setting the foundations for success
Academic assessments

Academic assessments are a core part of our approach to school placements, helping to ensure our recommendations are always tailored to the individual needs of each and every child. But they’re also a great way to just check in on progress, providing valuable insight into what’s working (and what’s not), so that we can adapt our approach accordingly.

Setting the scene for exam success

If your child is sitting the 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ – or another school-specific entrance exam – our academic assessments are an essential preparatory step. Looking at your child’s current abilities across the core subjects of English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning, each assessment is conducted with your target schools in mind, so that we can provide transparent guidance that sets out the most appropriate way ahead. Additional topics and competencies, such as interview technique, can always be incorporated too.

Our academic assessments are led by our highly experienced senior assessor, Rishi, one of London’s top 11+ experts. We have a 100% track record placing students into a school of their choice – do read our interview with Rishi for more information about his unique approach.

How does an assessment work?

Assessments can be conducted in person or online, and we will select an experienced assessor who’s familiar with either the schools or subjects you’re considering. The idea is to build an educational profile for each student, looking at current levels across core skills, as well as individual strengths, preferences and learning styles. 

The assessment itself is designed to put children at ease, drawing on their hobbies and interests to bring the session to life. Immediately after, your assessor will provide some initial feedback, before working on a comprehensive written report that details progress against peers, key considerations and actionable next steps.

How does it help?

For children who are already on track, an academic assessment can help boost confidence and take the pressure off. While for those that may need a little extra direction, these sessions are the ideal springboard for ongoing support, ensuring tuition is carefully tailored to help your child realise their academic ambitions.

For every age, at every stage

Even students who aren’t preparing to sit an exam can benefit from an academic assessment. Perhaps you want to check in over the summer to see how best to prepare for the new term. Or maybe your child needs extra support, but you don’t know where to start. Just like our tuition, our assessments are carefully tailored to address your concerns and deliver the personalised support your family needs.

We often incorporate academic assessments into our university placement consultancy, as they help us build a complete picture of a student’s current level – and inform the next steps to ensure a fulfilling journey to further education. 

We’re equipped to work with a range of abilities and needs. We can conduct more complex assessments, such as CELF assessments and Speech and Language Processing, as well as refer you to educational psychologists for support with other learning and behavioural challenges.

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