One-to-one and group tuition.
Taking a tailored approach to every student
One-to-one and group tuition

One-to-one tuition is the perfect partner to classroom-based learning, with each session carefully tailored and expertly delivered. We handpick each tutor to meet the needs of both the student and the subject matter at hand, so that sessions are always well paced and well informed.

With one-to-one tuition, students have both an expert and a mentor on their side – providing clarity and building confidence across the syllabus. Our personalised approach enables us to build a true partnership with our students, to ensure they excel across the board. 

Tailored support for targeted results

Whether it’s in preparation for an exam or for support in a specific subject, to boost a student’s confidence or boost their chances of entry to a top school, our tuition is designed to help children achieve all their ambitions.

Even in the very best schools, teachers can’t give one-on-one support to all of their students, all of the time. But with the undivided attention of a private tutor, children can focus on honing their skills at a pace that works for them. One-to-one tuition gives students a safe space to express themselves, a chance to explore their own ideas away from the pressure of peers and the confines of the school curriculum.

We often start our one-to-one tuition with an academic assessment to help clarify goals and identify areas of focus. If there are particular milestones to meet – for example a new school or exam ahead – we’ll structure the assessment around these requirements to develop a highly targeted tuition plan.

Any subject, any channel

With an extensive network of skilled tutors, we can provide one-to-one tuition across the curriculum, and beyond. We have a number of entrance exam specialists on our books, whose focus is to build confidence in new subjects, and spark an appetite for new ways of thinking.

And while we will continue to deliver sessions in person wherever possible, our experience delivering online tuition means we’re able to switch to remote whenever needed. Ensuring much-needed continuity for children, and essential flexibility for parents. Visit our dedicated online tuition page for more information on the ease – and security – of working together online.

Bringing learning to life

One-to-one tuition isn’t just about catching up or getting ahead. With a Figtree tutor, students have the time to explore new subjects in new ways – expanding their knowledge and broadening their horizons. Sessions are crafted to suit the individual learning styles and personalities of our students, so that one-to-one tuition remains as engaging as it is effective.

Our tutors have access to a range of teaching materials, and are empowered to select the most appropriate – and interesting – for each session. But we also believe we can all learn from one another. Our dedicated tutor forum gives tutors a secure community in which to share ideas and experiences, while our regular Figtree Zoom sessions ensure consistency and best practice across the board. By taking an open and collaborative approach, we aim to ensure learning becomes something to love, at any age.

Group tuition

Alongside one-to-one tuition, we’re experienced delivering small group classes, where students are carefully matched by age and ability. Whether in person or online, these group sessions are an excellent way to bring children back together, recreating the stimulation and interaction found in shared studies. Classes are crafted to build confidence, giving children the opportunity to explore their own opinions and discover new perspectives. And while we ensure the personalities and approaches of the students complement each other, the variety of voices helps to create a dynamic and diverse learning environment.

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