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With a client base that’s always busy – and often travelling or overseas – we’re used to delivering immersive online tuition across borders, seas and time zones. But where remote sessions were once the preserve of international students, families across the country are switching on to the flexibility and continuity that online sessions can provide.

Whether we’re supporting children learning from home, or working with adult learners on the go, our online tutoring offers a complementary solution that meets the needs of today’s remote world. And thanks to seamless video streaming, desktop sharing and a whole host of online materials, it’s like we’re right there with you.

It’s easy for parents too. There’s no more ferrying children around from session to session, and no limit to the expertise you can bring into your home. As life gets busier, this is tutoring on your time – with sessions that work with your schedule, delivered in the comfort of your own home. We can even arrange for multiple children in the family to take classes with different tutors at the same time, allowing you some much-needed time to yourself.

Shape your own learning environment

Students of all ages are now completely comfortable with the concept of online learning. But in an increasingly digital world, our online tuition is designed to bring a personal, nurturing approach back to children’s studies. We’ll develop a bespoke learning plan that addresses a student’s academic, personal and social needs, to create a programme of study that is both engaging and enjoyable. 

Our tutors are experienced delivering one-to-one sessions and small group classes, where students are carefully matched by age and ability. So whether it’s to supplement school work with focused support or to recreate the stimulation and interaction found in shared studies, our online tutoring sessions are an effective addition to any learning journey.

Smart solutions for smarter sessions

We work with a range of software providers to find an online learning solution that’s right for you. But what they all have in common is the consistent connectivity to keep us collaborating – no matter where in the world you are. Our tutors will be on screen at all times, guiding the lesson in real time through seamless screen sharing. Far from being one step removed – online tutoring brings us even closer.

Our cutting-edge online whiteboard makes it easy to collaborate, work problems together, brainstorm new ideas – or just get creative and have some fun. Taking a digital-first approach means all of the content generated in the lesson is securely stored and easily accessible, creating a valuable archive of learning material students can look back on at any time. Plus, with sessions delivered seamlessly across devices, you can take your tutor with you wherever you go.  

Technology has become a fundamental part of our lives and online tutoring offers another opportunity for children to learn new skills in this critical area. By working on the latest platforms, our students gain confidence across a range of online tools – helping to shape flexible, future-ready learners.

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