Medical school admissions
Group session for prospective medical students
Medical school admissions

With high expectations and hot competition, applying to study medicine at university can be a daunting experience. That’s why Figtree has developed a targeted, one-day online course for prospective medical students – helping prepare you for the ever-evolving application requirements, interviews and notoriously challenging exams.The course was carefully designed by expert doctors and surgeons who have sat on multiple interview panels for university medical school interviews. These experts have attended world-class institutions and have led, designed and ran application preparation courses for multiple years receiving exceptional feedback.

medical school application
Getting under the skin of medical applications

Applying to medicine is an obstacle course race comprised of extra exams, work experience and interviews. It can be daunting choosing between 37 medical schools whilst bearing in mind the different entrance criteria required for each and how to prepare for them. Year 12 is a difficult year during which students adapt to the increased difficulty of A-levels, and are expected decide and prepare for university applications. With application requirements changing year on year, and acceptance rates remaining fiercely competitive, it can be a time consuming process collating information and ensuring deadlines aren’t missed.

medical school applications
Designed by experts

Our medical school application course has been carefully designed by an experienced team of doctors and surgeons. All graduates from world-class institutions, they have sat on multiple interview panels and have a proven track record leading highly well-regarded application preparation courses.

Who is our one-day course for?

We understand that Year 12 is already a difficult time, as students adapt to the change in pace at A-level, while making big life decisions. That’s why our one-day course is designed primarily with Year 12 students in mind, although everyone is welcome – no matter where you are on your journey to study medicine.

With so many things to consider, we think it’s important to follow a proactive approach to applications. Starting in Year 12 allows our students to take a holistic view of all the requirements, while putting in place a structured plan that will help avoid Year-13 burnout, when focus should be firmly on exams.

What do we cover?

Comprising class-based teaching and one-to-one coaching, our course will help you take every hurdle in your stride. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback from our expert team, as we take you through the complete application timeline, step by step.

We start by exploring the reality of a career in medicine, and its suitability for each candidate. As part of this process, we will help you understand your own learning style to identify the schools best suited to you. And we’ll also cover the various routes into medicine – from study abroad programmes to post-graduate studies.

Advice is targeted and technique-focused, equipping students with the tools to tackle every aspect of the application. We’ll look at personal statements – with an interactive session providing feedback on initial drafts – as well as dedicating an afternoon session to the interview process.

One-to-one support

Medical school interviews are incredibly demanding, so we’ll spend a good portion of the day covering this crucial stepping stone. We examine frequently tested topics, like medical ethics, and one of our senior team members will conduct a one-to-one mock interview with each student, to help candidates feel more comfortable and confident with the format.

We also offer everyone a personal coaching session, where we assess and provide tips on your portfolio, offering tailored recommendations to maximise your chances of success. Support continues beyond the day, with each student assigned a coach to act as a point of contact for further advice and support throughout the application process.

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