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History tutoring

Who we are. Where we’ve come from. But perhaps most importantly – where we’re going. Through the study of the past, we learn how to navigate our future. And for students of history, the ability to analyse and quickly grasp complex issues is essential to success.

Looking forward

Our private history tutors take a targeted approach, supporting students with set modules and assigned reading. But we like to take a wider view too – introducing new ideas and broader concepts that encourage students to question, challenge and continually push their own understanding.

While course content comes first, it’s this ability to interrogate the bigger picture that sets our students apart. And it’s never too early to start – we work with children at primary school, all the way through higher education and beyond. Balancing the subject matter at hand with a global perspective, and instilling the solid learning techniques for exam success, our students develop effective strategies for study, and for life.

Our Philosophy

Taking inspiration – and our name – from an ancient symbol of knowledge, we want Figtree to embody both the wisdom of experience and the power of continual growth.

We understand that by choosing Figtree as your tutoring agency, you’re putting your trust and your child’s future – or your future – in our hands. And that’s not a responsibility we take lightly. That’s why we’re always ready to go the extra mile – whether that’s checking-in outside hours, providing a unique support network for our tutors to tap into, or simply offering a listening ear when you need us.



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