A-level/International Baccalaureate.
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A-level/International Baccalaureate

The last exams of your school career. The start of a new academic chapter. Whether you’re taking A-levels or the International Baccalaureate (IB), our expert tuition will lay the foundations for a fulfilling future of learning.

You’ll be matched with a tutor that’s not only taken the same exams as you, but has continued to excel in your fields of study. Both A-levels and the IB are a big step up from previous years, with a greater emphasis placed on independent learning in preparation for further education. So alongside working on set course material, our A-level tutors and IB tutors will equip you with the time management skills, critical thinking abilities and exam techniques you’ll need to flourish through your final years of school – and beyond.

A-level students

For many students here in the UK, A-levels are the gateway to university, and all the opportunities that await along your chosen career path. As both pace and expectations ramp up, our A-level tutors can help make the transition to more in-depth study a smooth and successful one. 

We take a linear approach to tuition, supporting our students throughout the course – even for AS-level examinations where still available. As you’d expect, we will only match you with a tutor who achieved A-grades in your chosen subjects, and we ensure both tutor and student are supported with a wealth of academic resources.

Our approach to A-level tuition

  • We match all of our students with specific A-level tutors for both subject and exam board, with coverage across OCR, AQA, Edexcel, WJEC and Cambridge Pre-U
  • We’ll work with you to explain problem-based questions and offer exam technique practice – even recreating exam conditions for more effective mocks
  • We conduct regular progress reviews to ensure you stay on track
  • Going beyond set texts and course materials, we’ll recommend further reading to help broaden your horizons

A few of the subjects we cover

  • Sciences: biology, chemistry, physics, maths and further maths
  • Languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, Mandarin, Russian – and more on request
  • Humanities: religious studies, philosophy, geography, history, English literature and language, business, law, economics and politics

International Baccalaureate (IB) students

The IB is one of the most challenging examinations, testing both understanding and application of knowledge. It’s becoming increasingly popular in British schools, and given its complexity – and unfamiliar structure – our IB tutors can provide invaluable support to students getting to grips with this demanding course. 

The IB is taken at two levels and covers a broad range of subjects. We have dedicated tutors for our IB students, with the necessary experience to support both standard and higher levels – across all available subjects. We will match you with an experienced IB tutor, based on the subject and exam, so teaching remains highly focused and results-driven.

With leading universities looking for scores of at least 38 out of a possible 45, every question counts. Beyond the core subjects, there are additional points up for grabs through extended essays – and with the right guidance from one of our IB tutors, these can provide an invaluable advantage.


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