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Tutoring in the digital age

Whether we’re supporting students overseas, or busy families here in the UK, we’re always looking for new ways to put technology to work. Here’s a sneak peek at how we bring a digital dimension to our lessons.


Tutoring without borders
Thanks to a range of sophisticated communication platforms, we’re able to offer our services to students around the world. From Skype to WhatsApp, today’s video calling and instant messaging capabilities enable us to deliver personal, interactive lessons anywhere in the world. We’re happy to work across a range of media, and will adapt to whatever channels work best for our clients.


Seamless sessions
Alongside live video streaming to bring our tutors right into the home, we’ve teamed up with leading software providers TutorCruncher to offer our students a fully immersive learning experience. Thanks to their online whiteboard, we can create, collaborate, share and save in real time.

This visually rich medium has proven a real winner with our clients: “It’s like we’re in a real classroom, and I like the way we can work on problems together, or look at other examples to help me understand,” one maths student commented.


A sense of community
We’re also keen to exploit the digital world for our tutors’ benefit too. We have a huge bank of online resources to help tutors create fresh and engaging lessons, and our online forum is a great way for everyone to connect and share their experiences.


With bright new start-ups and emerging technologies offering even bigger and better things in the new year, we’ll be working hard to ensure we keep up. To help us get the inside track on what might lie ahead, we spoke to Tom from our software partner TutorCruncher – read his interview now to find out more.

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