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Our agency was founded on the belief that tutors have the power to shape futures – the ability to ignite passions and realise dreams. Working with children and adults alike, both here in the UK and overseas, our tight-knit team of dedicated professionals has built a reputation for educational excellence.

We know that private tuition isn’t just an investment in today. It’s about sowing the seeds for a lifetime of learning. So whether we’re helping create astronauts or authors, scientists or social workers, we’re proud of the part we play in creating a brighter tomorrow.

Figtree Learning's services in a nutshell:
  • One-to-one tuition

    Carefully tailored and expertly delivered, our one-to-one tuition is the perfect partner to classroom-based learning. We handpick each tutor to meet the needs of both the student and the subject matter at hand, so that sessions are always well paced and well informed.

    With one-to-one tuition, students have both an expert and a mentor on their side – providing clarity and building confidence across the syllabus. Our personalised approach enables us to build a true partnership with our students, to ensure they excel across the board.

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  • Online tuition

    For those further afield, or always on the go, our online tuition service brings the finest minds to your doorstep – no matter where in the world you are. You’ll have access to a whole network of experts, for a learning experience that surpasses cities, countries and expectations.

    Thanks to our suite of sophisticated software and hardware solutions, we’ve created a collaborative online space that supports shared ideas and big dreams. Tutors are all equipped with high-spec computers to ensure a seamless learning experience, and we’re happy to adapt to our students’ preferred digital channel. So whether we’re working over FaceTime or Skype, the combination of on-screen demos and interactive media ensures online tutoring is every bit as engaging as a face-to-face session.

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  • Academic assessments

    Our personalised academic assessments provide valuable insight into your child’s current abilities and – more importantly – where they’re heading.

    Designed and delivered by an expert panel of tutors and educational consultants, they’re the ideal preparatory step to starting a new school, or deciding to start extra tuition.

    Whether they’re flying high across the board, or need a little extra help to take off, our in-depth analysis helps to chart the best course forward for your child. We’ll recommend skills that can be honed, tuition sessions that will stretch and challenge, and schools that will help your child flourish.

    Our assessment team is equipped to work with a range of abilities and needs. We can conduct more complex assessments, such as CELF and Speech and Language Processing, as well as refer you to educational psychologists for support with other learning and behavioural challenges.

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  • Educational consultancy

    No matter what their subject or discipline, our consultants are all experts in their fields. Carefully selected for their experience and ethos, they’ll guide you through applications and assessments, providing support at every step.

    Choose our consultancy service for:

    • Access to an extensive network of established professionals
    • Advice with school or university applications
    • Consultancy on specific subjects
    • Educational assessments – including educational psychology
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  • School entrance exam preparation

    Whether independent or state, with entrance at age 7 or 8, 11 or 13, securing a spot at the perfect school for your child is always competitive. But our preparatory programme gives our students the edge, aiming beyond acceptance and all the way to scholarship.

    We’ve created a suite of practice papers and workbooks, designed to both challenge and build our students’ confidence. For parents, we’ve created our own prospectuses for the top schools, to give you a genuine glimpse into the options available.

    Our preparatory programme covers:

    • Maths tests: always tested, we tailor our teaching to the syllabus of the school your child is applying to
    • English tests: another subject that’s always on the agenda, we cover comprehension, grammar and spelling, plus both written and verbal communication
    • Non-verbal tests: to prepare for this challenging, visual logic test, we’ll develop pattern recognition and abstract reasoning skills
    • Verbal tests: we help students get to grips with alphabetic manipulation and increase their grasp of a broad vocabulary
    • Interviews: our educational consultants will both coach and run mock interviews to help prepare for independent school applications
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    Years 7-9 – key stage 3 – are some of our most formative. So putting in place a solid foundation at this age is essential to ensuring children have the knowledge and work ethic to take independent study in their stride.

    With a deep understanding of the key stage 3 syllabus and access to a bank of customised teaching resources, our tutors provide focused support across the board. But it’s not just about checking off the syllabus – we want to reignite passions and kindle new ones, so that our students embark on their GCSE journeys with a genuine joy for their subjects.

    Core subjects covered:

    • Maths
    • English Language and Literature
    • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics
    • Languages: French, Spanish, German and Latin
    • Humanities: Geography and History

    With changes to the grading system and brand new syllabi, GCSEs are becoming increasingly challenging. It’s our job to provide the expertise and experience to make this two-year period stress-free – and fulfilling.

    Our tutors are skilled across a broad range of subjects and all major exam boards, including OCR, AQA and Edexcel. Carefully matched based on their background and your needs, they can provide support for the full two years or just in the run-up to test time. So whether you’re preparing for shorter courses or early examinations, our tutors have the knowledge and resources to help secure top grades.

    Core subjects covered:

    • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths
    • Languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, Mandarin, Russian – and more on request
    • Humanities: Religious Studies, Philosophy, Geography, History, English Literature and Language
    • Arts: Drama, Art, Music

    At Figtree, we understand that we all learn in our own way. So we offer a variety of teaching methods, tailored to bring the best out of each and every student:

    • Content teaching
    • Informal and formal progress reviews
    • Practice papers
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  • A-level/International Baccalaureate

    A-levels are the gateway to university – and all the opportunities that await beyond. So it’s vital students are supported to make the transition to more in-depth studies, particularly given recent changes in the course structure.

    At Figtree we take a linear approach to our A-level tutoring, supporting our students throughout the course – even for AS-level examinations where still available. As you’d expect, we only match students with tutors who achieved A-grades in their chosen subjects, and we ensure both tutor and student are supported with a wealth of academic resources.

    Our approach:

    • We match specific tutors for both subject and exam board, with coverage across OCR, AQA, Edexcel, WJEC and Cambridge Pre-U
    • We work with students to explain problem-based questions and offer exam technique practice
    • We conduct regular progress reviews to ensure students are on track

    Subjects we cover:

    • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths
    • Languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, Mandarin, Russian – and more on request
    • Humanities: Religious Studies, Philosophy, Geography, History, English Literature and Language, Business, Law, Economics and Politics

    International Baccalaureate (IB)
    The IB is one of the most challenging examinations, testing both understanding and application of knowledge. It’s becoming increasingly popular in British schools, and given its complexity – and unfamiliar structure – it’s vital students receive adequate support to prepare.

    The IB is taken at two levels and covers a broad range of subjects. We have dedicated tutors for our IB students, with the necessary experience to support both standard and higher levels – across all available subjects. We match specific tutors based on the subject and exam so teaching remains highly focused and results-driven.

    With leading universities looking for scores of at least 38 out of a possible 45, every question counts. Beyond the core subjects, there are additional points up for grabs through extended essays – and with the right guidance from a Figtree tutor, these can provide an invaluable advantage.

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  • SAT/ACT exam preparation

    If further education is drawing you stateside, the chances are you’ll need to sit for either the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT). With unfamiliar formats and notoriously tricky scoring systems, the Figtree team can provide invaluable support in this hard-won step to the top schools.

    Three compulsory sections over three hours. One question per minute. An optional essay adding another 50 minutes to the test time. There’s no doubt that the SAT is high-pressured and incredibly demanding. But with adequate preparation and practice, our Figtree tutors can help secure top scores.

    Along with thoroughly covering the content, we provide tips and tricks to tackle the exam effectively. With seven opportunities to sit the exam throughout the year, we’ll advise when you’re ready to give it your best shot. Beyond the test, we’ve conducted extensive research into SAT scores and college admissions, and our experienced advisory team is on hand to support the whole application process.

    One of just a few standardised tests used to measure academic potential, the ACT is notoriously tough. And with a scoring system based on bell curve distribution, scoring highly is even tougher.

    Covering English, Maths, Reading and Science – with just 50 seconds per question – it’s a comprehensive exam demanding thorough preparation. But beyond the revision, it’s important to understand the scores required by each college.

    Central to the Figtree ethos is tailored tuition, and our approach to the ACT is no different. We work with candidates to determine a target score that’s both competitive and realistic. With your chosen school in sight, we’ll provide the support, knowledge and expertise to ensure you get there.

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  • US college advisory services

    Navigating a foreign education system can be a challenge, with different deadlines and extra exams adding to what’s already a stressful time. But with our US college advisory services, we can help you live your own American dream.

    We’re experienced at guiding students through college admissions for schools across the States – from writing personal statements and essays, to preparing for SATs and interviews. With our step-by-step support, resources and mentoring, plus support on the ground courtesy of our affiliation with a specialised college advisory service in the US, you’ll have a whole new continent at your feet.

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  • University applications

    From application to acceptance, our holistic approach to further education will help you secure the future you want. Choosing where – and what – to study can be daunting. But thanks to our network of experienced academics, we can provide insightful advice that’s matched to both your abilities and aspirations.

    We’ll help you navigate the courses on offer and suggest wider reading to give you a sneak peek into your chosen subject. And if you really want to try a career on for size, we can arrange work experience placements across the sciences and humanities. So when it comes down to your application, you can be confident in your choice – and your chances of success.

    Even if your way ahead is clear, we can guide you through the Universites and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) processes and paperwork, to ensure you reach your destination. Your personal statement is what will set you apart, so we’ll pair you with a tutor with standout experience. They’ll guide you from your first draft to your final submission – via our expert panel of educational consultants and former admissions tutors – to ensure your application is a statement in itself.

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  • Undergraduate & postgraduate

    With tutors carefully selected for their academic credentials and professional experience, we can support you throughout your further education – and beyond.

    First year or fourth, exam preparation or dissertation drafting, we have a tutor you can turn to throughout your degree. If your course includes industry or academic placements, we’ll help you secure that highly sought-after, top spot. And when the end is in sight, we’ll get you ready for the competitive job market that awaits.

    Our tutors hail from a wide variety of top universities, so we can always find a like-minded match. Bringing a wealth of personal experience and an in-depth knowledge of the further education system, they’re perfectly placed to support with ongoing studies, professional or academic placements and life beyond graduation.

    Our expert advice and application support will help pave the way to postgraduate success. Whether it’s recommending the best place to pursue your studies, or providing a sounding board throughout your thesis, our professional network will ensure you make light work of your Masters, MPhil or PhD.

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  • Interview preparation

    Common Entrance to sixth form, university to first job, a good interview technique will open doors. Working with a consultant in your chosen subject, our interview preparation can pave the way into the top independent schools, grammar schools and universities. And when you’re ready to take your first steps on the career ladder, our network of industry experts and seasoned academics will ensure you’re prepped to impress.

    Talk to us for support with interviews for:

    • Independent schools’ Common Entrance
    • Sixth form entry
    • University applications – including Oxford and Cambridge
    • Medical school
    • Professional placements and jobs
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  • Mentoring & coaching

    Our mentors spark curiosity. Challenge the boundaries you didn’t know you had. They’re not there to give you the answers – instead they’ll guide, question and advise. Because with the right support and a little hard work, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

    Whether working through an application process or exploring a new subject together, a Figtree mentor is both a source of knowledge and a helping hand. So that no matter what kind of academic or professional puzzle you’re facing, you’ll emerge with the confidence to pursue your passion.

    The benefits in a nutshell:

    • Constant support through any educational endeavour, with regular sessions to keep you on track
    • Access to your own personal expert, who’s always on hand to answer questions, suggest further reading and ignite new interests
    • Balancing moral support and practical advice, a Figtree mentor becomes a trusted partner that can ensure you reach your goals

    While the skills we need evolve as we grow, our approach to coaching remains the same. We’re committed to building genuine relationships that are both nurturing and effective.

    If your children are preparing for exams, we can help develop the skillset to see them through:

    • Time management and prioritisation skills
    • Note-taking techniques
    • Learning and memory strategies – including auditory, sequential, visual and spatial

    As you, or your children, move into the world of work, our experts are on hand to help with a whole host of both business and personal skills, including:

    • Writing and communication
    • Critical thinking and negotiation
    • Leadership and teamwork
    • Pitching and presenting
    • Public speaking and interviewing
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  • Home schooling

    We all learn, develop and thrive in our own way. And at Figtree, we think it’s important to embrace a varied approach to education. So if you’ve decided home schooling is right for your child, we’re here to ensure it’s as productive and effective as any of the top schools.

    You’ll have access to a whole host of qualified tutors from across the school syllabus, all supported by an extensive database of teaching materials and resources. With Figtree, home schooling becomes a focused, personalised learning experience that’s tailored to your child’s needs.

    We aim to make the process as effortless as possible for parents, building a complete, personalised programme to bring the best educators into your home. From scheduling sessions to selecting subjects, we take care of every detail – working closely with you and your child to ensure our timetables tick all the boxes.

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How we work

High-flying graduates or experienced professionals, tutors at our agency all have the impeccable academic credentials you’d expect. But we think it’s the relationships we build that really allow our teaching to take root. So wherever you are and whatever your goals, our tutors are ready to support you every step of the way.

From primary to university level, for under-fives to over-fifties, we’re confident we have a tutor that’s right for you. So much so that we offer a complimentary first session – so you can be sure you’ve found the perfect match.

Select your tutor

Every client-tutor partnership is carefully crafted – and managed end to end. We’ll discuss your needs in detail, and make a bespoke recommendation based on our conversations and experience.

Meet your tutor

We’ll set up an initial get-to-know-each-other and complimentary trial session to make sure you’re completely happy with your choice of tutor.

Work with your tutor

Throughout your time together, we’ll be here to provide on-going advice, support and guidance – to both you and your tutor.

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