Nursery and prep-prep consultancy
Dedicated support, tailored to the early years
Nursery and prep-prep consultancy

Starting nursery or school is a big step – for parents and little ones. And we know that the early years landscape can be tricky to navigate. Here at Figtree, we take a holistic approach to nursery and pre-preparatory consultancy, helping to set the right foundations for a flourishing future.

We first seek to develop an in-depth understanding of the kind of setting you’re looking for – whether that’s a structured learning environment, or something a little more relaxed. For those parents whose children are turning three, there’s the option of standalone nurseries and pre-prep schools, or a learning journey that can continue seamlessly through to the 7+, and beyond.

Tap into a trusted network

Following our comprehensive initial consultation, we draw on our deep experience and wide network to shape our search. We’ve developed long-standing relationships with nurseries and schools over the years, with admissions directors trusting Figtree to assess and recommend students who will thrive in their respective institutions. We’ll narrow our search into a shortlist, designed to meet all of your requirements – while drawing on the insights of our early years specialists, who are all closely familiar with the nursery and pre-prep school landscape.

Keeping a strategic eye on the future, and providing reliable, hands-on support for the here and now, our advice will take you through every stage of the journey – helping you to plan from the toddler years up to, and including, the 7+. With admissions processes differing across each nursery or school, we’ll take care of all the administrative details so you can focus on finding the best fit for your child.

How our consultancy works

Our nursery and pre-preparatory school consultancy service is designed to guide you into the education system, and lay the groundwork for a future of learning.

Initial consultation: a key part of the process, we’ll take the time to discuss all of your individual needs, hopes and aspirations. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and our dedicated early years team will talk you through the options and decisions ahead.

A combined nursery and pre-preparatory school plan: we’ll oversee every element of the search, using our expertise and connections to compile a shortlist of nurseries and schools – taking you all the way up to the 7+. We’ll arrange visits, guide you through registrations and applications, and liaise with your chosen nursery or school on your behalf.

A carefully tailored assessment: for children turning three, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment, carefully tailored for younger years. This is a fun and engaging session, designed to better inform our search – and to shed light on any areas where gentle preparation may be needed for your chosen pre-prep school. As part of the assessment, we’ll look at any existing nursery feedback and reports, identifying areas of focus to help you support your child moving forward.

Ongoing support: while it’s always a joy to see our Figtree students begin their learning journeys, our support doesn’t end here. We provide a clear educational timeline and strategy so you can maintain momentum and think further ahead to your next exciting step.

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