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Keeping creativity on your curriculum


With creativity coming under threat in secondary schools around the country, we share our thoughts on why the arts matter – and how you can ensure your child receives the well-rounded education they deserve.


Cultivating tomorrow’s talent
Time spent studying the arts isn’t just essential for budding stars. Beyond the creativity they foster, subjects like music, drama and design equip today’s students with a skillset that will stand them in good stead wherever the future takes them.

  • Confidence – Shakespearean monologue or musical solo, there’s nothing like standing up on stage to push children out of their comfort zone and towards improved self-belief.
  • Critical thinking – problem-solving skills aren’t restricted to the classroom. The arts teach children how to interrogate their subject matter and themselves, to make effective decisions and intelligent choices.
  • Collaboration – whether working together on a theatre production or tackling technical challenges as a class, creative subjects are all about teamwork. And with that comes accountability, as everyone learns to play their part.


Keeping the arts centre stage
If current trends continue, and creativity continues to lose ground to ‘core’ academic subjects, what can parents do to keep it on the curriculum at home?

  • After-school clubs – although some schools report having to cut extra-curricular activities as well, with parents’ support these can continue to be a valuable addition to children’s week-day education. Talk to your school to find out what’s on offer and how you can help – whether that’s through donations or even volunteering specialist skills.
  • Family fun – the beauty of the arts is that they exist all around us. Take your child to the opera, visit a museum or put on a play at home – there’s always a way to bring more creativity into everyday life.
  • Extra focus – for those children who are particularly keen on a creative subject, consider getting a tutor on board. Not only will this help give them the theoretical grounding they need to stand out, it will ensure they continue to enjoy time for self-expression.


At Figtree we believe the arts play a fundamental part in every child’s education. To find out more, read this month’s interview, where drama tutor Charlotte explains how keeping creativity on the curriculum can help across the board.

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