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Festive fun from Figtree

Bring everyone together this Christmas with our holiday-themed brainteasers. Perfect for the whole family, who will come out on top in your household?


  1. Which one of Father Christmas’ reindeer can be seen on Valentine’s Day?
  2. What’s so special about the Christmas alphabet?
  3. When Father Christmas leaves the North Pole on Christmas Eve, in which direction does he travel?
  4. What do you have in December that you don’t have in any other month?
  5. If it takes five elves five minutes to make five dolls, how long would it take 100 elves to make 100 dolls?
  6. Using the letters that are missing from this incomplete alphabet, work out what wintery word you can make.

B – C – D – G – H – I – J – M – P – Q – R – T – U – V – X – Y – Z 

  1. What do you get if you cross an apple and a Christmas tree?


Got them all? Get in touch here and we’ll send you the answers.

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