School entrance exam preparation.
Giving you the competitive edge
School entrance exam preparation

Whether independent or state, with entrance at age 7 or 8, 11 or 13, securing a spot at the perfect school for your child is always competitive. But our entrance exam tutors give our students the edge, aiming beyond acceptance and all the way to scholarship.

We’ve created a suite of practice papers and workbooks, designed to both challenge and build our students’ confidence. For parents, we’ve created our own prospectuses for the top schools, to give you a genuine glimpse into the options available.

Our entrance exam tutors cover:

  • Maths tests: always tested, we tailor our teaching to the syllabus of the school your child is applying to
  • English tests: another subject that’s always on the agenda, we cover comprehension, grammar and spelling, plus both written and verbal communication
  • Non-verbal tests: to prepare for this challenging, visual logic test, we’ll develop pattern recognition and abstract reasoning skills
  • Verbal tests: we help students get to grips with alphabetic manipulation and increase their grasp of a broad vocabulary
  • Interviews: our educational consultants will both coach and run mock interviews to help prepare for independent school applications

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