Personalised academic assessments.
Assessments to plan your next step
Academic assessments

Our personalised academic assessments provide valuable insight into your child’s current abilities and – more importantly – where they’re heading.

Designed and delivered by an expert panel of tutors and educational consultants, they’re the ideal preparatory step to starting a new school, or deciding to start extra tuition.

Whether they’re flying high across the board, or need a little extra help to take off, our in-depth analysis helps to chart the best course forward for your child. We’ll recommend skills that can be honed, tuition sessions that will stretch and challenge, and schools that will help your child flourish.

Our assessment team is equipped to work with a range of abilities and needs. We can conduct more complex assessments, such as CELF and Speech and Language Processing, as well as refer you to educational psychologists for support with other learning and behavioural challenges.

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