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SAT/ACT tutoring

If further education is drawing you stateside, the chances are you’ll need to sit for either the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT). With US university/college admissions coming with unfamiliar formats and notoriously tricky scoring systems, the Figtree team can provide invaluable support in this hard-won step to the top schools.

Three compulsory sections over three hours. One question per minute. An optional essay adding another 50 minutes to the test time. There’s no doubt that the SAT is high-pressured and incredibly demanding. But with adequate preparation and practice, our Figtree tutors can help secure top scores.

Along with thoroughly covering the content, we provide tips and tricks to tackle the exam effectively. With seven opportunities to sit the exam throughout the year, we’ll advise when you’re ready to give it your best shot. Beyond the test, we’ve conducted extensive research into SAT scores and college admissions, and our experienced advisory team is on hand to support the whole application process.

One of just a few standardised tests used to measure academic potential, the ACT is notoriously tough. And with a scoring system based on bell curve distribution, scoring highly is even tougher.

Covering English, Maths, Reading and Science – with just 50 seconds per question – it’s a comprehensive exam demanding thorough preparation. But beyond the revision, it’s important to understand the scores required by each college.

Central to the Figtree ethos is tailored tuition, and our approach to the ACT is no different. We work with candidates to determine a target score that’s both competitive and realistic. With your chosen school in sight, we’ll provide the support, knowledge and expertise to ensure you get there.

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