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Solutions for surviving lockdown – Figtree Focus

As schools close and exams are cancelled, the following few months are set to be a turbulent time for students and parents alike. Here’s our guide to surviving another lockdown – and how you can put the right strategies in place now, to ensure success for the remainder of the academic year.


Get ahead of exam cancellations

While we won’t know for some time what the summer exam season will be replaced with, it’s important for GCSE and A-level students to act now to put themselves in the best possible position for when grades are decided. That means, more than ever, that every assignment and assessment counts.

We understand this sudden shift will place greater pressure on students in these key years, especially following last year’s confusion and repeated U-turns over grade allocation. However, we are here to help, supplementing and supporting online schooling to turn the coming months into critical competitive advantage.


Stay on top of school work

With no confirmed timeline for school closures, parents are understandably worried and frustrated. But we’ve learnt a lot from the last lockdown, and are ready to help you hit the ground running with a programme of tailored support that will ensure your children make the most of digital learning – so you can balance your time effectively too.


Leading digital learning

Not all digital delivery is equal, and we’ve seen some schools really struggle to create effective learning environments. Similarly, some students will find the switch to online easier than others. Our tutors can oversee the whole process to ensure children stay engaged with their learning. While additional support – and pastoral care, like scheduling breaks – will help make sure the home is a productive space for children and parents alike.


Top-up tuition & homeschooling

Where a little extra help is needed to make sure a topic lands, we can provide top-up tuition across a range of subjects. And if digital learning really isn’t working for you, we can devise and deliver a complete homeschooling programme for your child.


Group tuition

One of the things that students miss most is the interaction and stimulation of a shared learning environment. Our group tuition sessions are carefully designed to bring children with complementary skills back together in an engaging and enjoyable way. And for parents already paying full fees for online schooling, they’re a cost-effective option too.



While we may have been here before, it doesn’t get any easier – particularly for GCSE and A-level students facing so much uncertainty. Our mentors are here to provide essential support during the challenging weeks to come, helping to structure routines, set up revision timetables – or even just lend a listening ear.

Unlike last year, we have time (and experience) on our side. With a little planning now, there’s no reason why all of our students can’t continue to thrive through lockdown, and beyond. So please do get in touch with the Figtree team for more information on how we can help.


Don’t miss our group sessions

We’re continuing to run sessions for a variety of age groups. Our class for Years 4, 5 and 6 focuses on 11-Plus prep, while sessions for GCSE and A-level students are designed to bring young adults together and discuss critical pre-university decisions. We’re delighted these sessions have proven so popular, so do get in touch to book a space.

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