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Spotlight on our creative writing group classes

At Figtree, we’re always looking for new ways to equip our students for the challenges ahead. And while our creative writing class is focused on preparing children for the 11-Plus, the ability to write passionately and persuasively is a skill that will stand students in good stead throughout their academic career.


Developed specifically for Figtree by two of our most experienced tutors, our creative writing group class is designed to support children with one of the most challenging parts of the 11-Plus – the story. Highly interactive, the session encourages them to explore new ways of expressing their ideas and structuring their thoughts, to produce an engaging and original piece of writing.


The format of the 11-Plus creative writing section can vary across schools, and examiners will each bring their own expectations. We work closely with our students to tailor sessions accordingly, so that we can focus on the most relevant preparation. But we also look to equip children with techniques that they can wield in a variety of circumstances. From teaching the basics of shaping a ‘beginning, middle and end’ to supporting students to expand their vocabulary and use language techniques confidently, this targeted group class will not only help with the 11-Plus – it will lay the groundwork for effective writing for years to come.


Sessions are limited to 10 students, and are delivered by two of our writing specialists, Khaled and Rishi. English tutor Khaled is himself an accomplished writer, and relishes the challenge of introducing the mechanics of great writing to younger audiences. And as our resident 11-Plus expert, Rishi brings in-depth understanding of the entrance exam requirements, helping students to organise their thoughts quickly, and under pressure.


Our creative writing class was one of the first group sessions we developed, and it has been running successfully for several years. Providing a blueprint for our recent lockdown sessions, we are continuing to build a whole host of group classes that will offer students essential continuity, as well as an interactive and enjoyable learning environment.


As we help to ensure our families and tutors stay safe, our group classes will remain online for now. As with all of our sessions, we are making the most of screensharing and video conferencing to create an immersive and engaging atmosphere. Keep an eye out for next week’s Figtree Focus, where we explore another one of our exciting new classes. And do get in touch with the team to find out more, or book a session.



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