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Spring Suggestions

This month we’re in recommendation mode – looking at some of the latest tools and platforms to support students through school and onto further education. And with recent allegations causing widespread concern for parents and children, we wanted to share some advice to help families starting to look at their secondary school options.


For 11-Plus prep, consider Atom Learning…

Described as ‘maths, English and reasoning with a difference’, Atom Learning offers adaptive online learning for children aged 7 to 12+. Its smart algorithm adapts to each student to provide a personalised learning journey – critical for enhancing engagement and boosting motivation.

There are tailored revision courses for the ISEB Common Pre-Test, 11-Plus and London Consortium, as well as school-specific assessments. We can help you navigate the packages on offer, and work alongside your child to ensure they make the most of this innovative platform.


Invest in a Kindle to improve English skills…

Whether studying school-allocated texts or unwinding over a bestseller, switching to a Kindle can maximise the reading experience. Unlike most other online channels, the screen is designed to be easy on the eye, using e-Ink rather than blue light. And there are a host of tools to help improve understanding and cement vocabulary – including the dictionary feature, instant translation and electronic markers.

We know Kindles can feel unfamiliar, and physical books will always have a place. But they can be useful tools to get children excited about reading. We’re always here to help you make the most of your Kindle, boosting comprehension by supporting students to read more effectively. And for those children looking to hone their own writing skills, our creative writing specialists are on hand to help.


Make the leap to university with Unifrog…

Deciding what, and where, to study can be overwhelming. Unifrog aims to help students compare their options more easily, and make the application process more effective. Personality quizzes set students on the right course and comprehensive course information covers international institutions.

It’s an important decision to get right. And in our experience, the right course and university can unlock unimagined opportunities. We’ve helped students go on to study subjects they’d never considered, at institutions they’d never thought possible – and seen them discover new passions as a result. We can guide candidates throughout the process, whether applying to universities here or overseas, to ensure every element of their application stands out.

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