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Taking the stress out of exam season

As children approach the mid-way point of their first term back, we wanted to look at how students have readjusted to classroom life. And with exams back on the table, what families should be focusing on next.

While the pandemic still looms, September marked a much-needed return to normality for most. Guidance on social distancing and face coverings has been relaxed, and the vaccine roll-out for 12- to 15-year-olds aims to limit school disruption over the winter.

However, the effects of COVID-19 still reverberate around the classroom – and we probably won’t see the full impact of the last 18 months for some time to come. Mental ill-health has reached ‘unprecedented levels’, and survey results show everything from sleep to family function has been affected. That’s why it’s particularly important to take a slow and steady approach to the year, especially for those children taking exams over the coming months.

This year, more than ever, students should be starting exam preparation early – avoiding the extra pressure of a last-minute dash to the finish line. Most schools are returning to in-person exams and interviews, with some concessions still in place for GCSE and A-level subjects – such as extra choice on topics. For those thinking ahead to next summer’s exams, our expert support will address any gaps and hone exam technique.

Or if your child is already busy preparing for the 11-Plus, 8-Plus or 7-Plus, we can arrange fast, effective sessions to help build confidence in these critical last weeks. Expert academic assessments are targeted to the schools you are applying to, and form the foundations of bespoke tuition from our 11-Plus specialists. While in-depth interview preparation creates a nurturing, safe space for students to practice question sets and allay anxieties before the big day.

We have dedicated 11-Plus tutors, with extensive experience working successfully with students taking the exam in both state and independent settings. Our 11-Plus experts receive regular training from Figtree’s senior team, with bespoke sessions created every quarter to address the changing needs of tutors, students and schools. Delivered in-house, these training sessions ensure our tutors stay on top of the latest materials and exam techniques. With a deep understanding of the specific entrance requirements for all the top schools and a bank of practice papers to draw on, we can help close the learning loop and ensure children feel confident and well prepared come test time.

So whether you’re looking to plot your course to GCSE and A-level success or are in the final leg of securing a place at your top school, we’re here to help. Do get in touch to discuss our personalised learning programmes or to book your first complimentary session.

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