Interview coaching.
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Interview coaching

Common Entrance to sixth form, university to first job, a good interview technique will open doors. Working with a consultant in your chosen subject, our interview coaching can pave the way into the top independent schools, grammar schools and universities. And when you’re ready to take your first steps on the career ladder, our network of industry experts and seasoned academics will ensure you’re prepped to impress.

What to expect from interview coaching

Our interview coaches have experience across the academic spectrum to help prepare students for entry to any school, at any level. And with tutors hailing from Oxbridge, London Business School and Imperial College to name but a few, we can match our university applicants with a consultant that understands the exact requirements for each institution.

We’ll walk you through the criteria your chosen school or university will be looking for you to meet, from your academic credentials to your personal motivations. And because practice makes perfect, we’ll run through question after question – helping hone your answers so you’re ready to put your best foot forward when the day comes. 

Conducting mock interviews is central to our approach, and we’ll aim to recreate the same scenario as you’re likely to encounter – whether that’s a one-to-one or panel interview. Alongside helping you to communicate your achievements clearly and succinctly, our interview coaching will also cover your interpersonal skills to ensure you’re able to build a rapport with whoever’s across the table.

School entrance interviews

Interviews can be stressful for even the most seasoned interviewees. And for many children applying to an independent school, this will be the first time they’ve faced such a high-pressured environment. But with the right preparation, even the most nervous children can flourish.

We pride ourselves on our nurturing approach, so we always take the time to get to know each student. We work closely with parents to create a supportive, safe space where children can practice their interview techniques, build confidence across question sets – and even start to enjoy the interview process. Removing the unknown goes a long way to allaying children’s fears, so we’ll spend plenty of time practicing various interview scenarios to ensure each student makes an impression from the very first moment.

Dedicated Oxbridge support

We have extensive experience coaching students for Oxbridge entry, and we have a large alumni network to draw on for further support and insight. Our interview coaching will help you get to grips with the specific application process for your target college, and our thorough assessments and transparent approach mean we can focus our time most effectively for the best possible outcomes. 

We understand that even straight-A students can feel intimidated by the prospect of an interview, with parental and personal pressures only adding to anxieties. So as much as our interview coaching will focus on the nuts-and-bolts of interview preparation, we also support our students to feel comfortable with ambiguity, to adapt and think on their feet – all skills that will serve them well, long beyond the interview day.

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