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As the demand for private tuition grows, so does the wealth of tutoring talent on offer. From retired schoolteachers to young graduates, English experts to maths masters, the tutoring community is wonderfully diverse – but what does it take to become part of the Figtree family?


Hearts and minds
It goes without saying that academic excellence features highly on our wish list, which is why our tutors come with established educational credentials and a track record of success. But we believe that even the sharpest minds need an open heart to tutor the Figtree way.

We’re focused on creating a nurturing learning environment that supports students to grow personally, as well as achieve academically – and that demands patience, dedication and tons of enthusiasm from our tutors.


Variety is the spice of life
Central to Figtree’s ethos is the idea of tailored learning, and we pride ourselves on our ability to match every student with the right tutor. That means we need to have a varied pool to draw on, so we’re always on the look out for tutors with unusual skills, diverse experience and a broad outlook.

Whether an enthusiastic graduate just starting out, or an accomplished professional seeking a career change, we believe top talent comes in many guises.


Sharing is caring
Tutors may work on a one-to-one basis with their students, but we think it’s important they’re part of a wider community too. That’s why we encourage our tutors to share their experiences with each other, working together to overcome their challenges and test new ideas.

That demands a collaborative spirit and an open mind, so while we’re looking for individuals that have excelled in their own field, we also want to see how they’ve supported their colleagues and contributed to something bigger.


To find out more about our tutors, head over to this month’s interview with Figtree founder Ariana, where she shares her thoughts on what makes a great tutor.

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