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Talking tutors – Ariana Azad (Part 2)

This month, Figtree founder Ariana shares her thoughts on what makes a great tutor, how she goes about finding the right fit for Figtree – and who she’d most like to see join her team.



What’s the most important attribute for a Figtree tutor?

Adaptability. Every student is different in terms of personality, needs and learning style, so being able to adapt quickly is key. That means getting to know each one as an individual, and working flexibly to find the best way to connect with every student.

When you meet a prospective tutor, what are you looking for?

Someone who is engaging, mature and able to inspire their students with the same passion they feel for their field. They need to be approachable, both for their clients and their Figtree colleagues. It’s important to me that Figtree is a fulfilling experience for everyone, so I’m always looking for those tutors that relish the rewarding nature of their work, are ready to embrace the Figtree ethos and want to become part of our community.

How do you ensure the tutors you take on support the Figtree way of learning?

We are extremely hands on – with parents, students and tutors alike. We check in regularly to ensure our clients are happy with the service they’re receiving, and that our tutors are fully supported to deliver the tailored tuition needed to see their students reach their goals.

The central team is available at all times, and our stakeholders can reach us via email, phone, WhatsApp or text – whatever suits them best. I believe cooperation and connection are key to ensuring our tutors support the Figtree way of learning, which is why we provide a suite of carefully crafted in-house materials, and encourage a thriving community where tutors can share experiences and ideas.

If you could only ask a candidate one question, what would it be?

How do you get the best out of a student?

If you could recruit anyone in the world – past or present – to join your team as a tutor, who would it be and why?

I’d like to have the English teacher, John Keating, from the film ‘Dead Poets Society’ join the team. Played by Robin Williams, he shows extraordinary passion for his subject and compassion for his students. He understood what they needed and how to inspire them. He cared.

That’s an ethos I try to channel at Figtree. We set examples for our students and try to make learning fun, as well as rewarding. When a student trusts their tutor and knows that they care, that’s when they will really flourish and achieve their ambitions.

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