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Is this the most stressful time of the year?

While the new school year heralds new opportunities, it’s becoming an increasingly difficult time for parents and children alike. With a recent study revealing 61% of parents struggle to sleep at this time of year, what’s causing such anxious nights and stress-filled days?


After a long summer of freedom, September marks a time of transition, where families need to return to a more established routine. Rules that may have been relaxed come back into force, and this can strain even the best relationships. In a American survey conducted by Zulily, 51% of the 6000 respondents reported that getting their child up and ready to go in the morning was amongst their top three concerns.


Returning to a term-time routine isn’t just about reinstating early starts and stricter bedtimes. Children are undertaking a greater number of extracurricular activities, and our adult lives are becoming even busier, leaving many parents worried about how they’ll manage. With three in four parents revealing that they feel pressure from their partner to stay on top of everything, home life can become particularly fraught.


But consistently topping a number of polls as the biggest cause of stress is the financial burden of the new term. Whether that’s shelling out on supplies or upgrading school uniforms, keeping on top of costs results in sleepless nights for 57% of parents interviewed in one survey.


What about children? Although the return to a routine is unlikely to be popular, for many their anxiety centres on thoughts of new teachers, and the increased amount of homework they’re likely to receive. This can be particularly challenging when moving schools, where a new environment and a new set of friends can significantly exacerbate term-time stress.


So what can families do to ensure the new school year remains a time of positivity, excitement and opportunity? Start by heading over to this month’s blog post for our top tips to beat the back-to-school blues, and get in touch with the Figtree team to discover how we can help your family take the new term in your stride.

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