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Five steps to beat the back-to-school blues

As September approaches, our thoughts inevitably turn to the new school term – and for some, this can be a time of intense anxiety. With children and parents potentially feeling overwhelmed by the impending change, we share our top tips for beating those back-to-school blues.


1. Spot the signs of stress

Sleepless nights, lack of appetite or a change in behaviour can all be signs of growing anxiety. Make sure you talk to your children and listen to their concerns – whether it’s uncertainty over a new teacher or the fear of more homework, keeping the lines of communication open will help you resolve issues before they arise.


2. Get an early start

One of the biggest challenges facing families come September is the return to a routine. So get started early by reintroducing a term-time bedtime, returning to regular meals and early-morning wake-up calls. This may not be popular at first, but easing back into a routine slowly will make that first week much easier to cope with.


3. Shop the sales

According to a recent survey, one of the biggest back-to-school fears for parents is the cost. From new uniforms to stationery supplies, the new term comes at a price – but savvy shops have realised this too, and there are some great deals to be had if you shop around.


4. Do a practice run

If your child is starting a brand new school, try combatting first-day nerves with a quick run-through. Figuring out your morning routine, trying the school run and refamiliarising yourself with the school’s layout can really alleviate anxiety on the day.


5. Have some fun

Make pre-term prep more enjoyable by creating a new study area in the house, or shopping for supplies together. Engaging your child in the process will help to generate excitement about the new experiences ahead.

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