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Raising allies

At Figtree we’ve always been committed to diversity and equality, but we believe that true change will only come when we all step up to play our part. That means recognising our own unconscious biases and having the courage to confront them. As Jennifer Eberhardt, author of Biased, explains: “Unconscious bias is not a sin to be condemned. It’s a universal human condition.”

Acknowledging that we all come from different places, with our own stories and belief systems – any perhaps preconceptions – is what will enable us to level the playing field. Currently, people from BAME backgrounds are 50% more likely to go to university than their white peers. Yet the job market doesn’t reflect this. In engineering, for example, BAME students make up 26% of the undergraduate population – but only comprise 6% of professional engineers. Something is happening to limit opportunity. To tip the balance. And perhaps the answer lies within ourselves. 

We think one way in which we can affect lasting change is to raise allies. That’s why we’ve shared a selection of resources on our Instagram  profile to support empowering conversations at home, and help us all navigate this important moment. Children are so perceptive, and we believe the best way to help them understand the world around them is to engage with the issues at hand in an age-appropriate way. From the history of protest movements to discovering relatable role models, our Raising Allies resources are designed to tackle this critical topic in a constructive and creative way. 

It feels like the current wave of change finally has the momentum it needs, and we hope that through respectful, open and inquisitive debate we can all play our part in shaping a fairer future.

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