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Finding the best way forward

With the disruption to schooling this year, many parents are wondering how their children will cope with the new term – and what they can do to help prepare for September. So this summer, we’ll be offering our academic assessments for children across the board, providing critical insight into progress and areas to address.

A tailored approach to assessments

Our assessors have traditionally focused on preparing children for the 7-Plus, 11-Plus and 13-Plus, and we’ll continue to offer these in-depth assessments to ensure students are ready for every crossroad they face. But with many children facing over five months out of the classroom, we’ve designed a shorter, targeted assessment to help all ages hit the ground running when schools resume.

How does it work?

Led by our highly-experienced senior assessor, Rishi, we’ll look at how your child is performing across the curriculum. If there are particular milestones to meet – for example a new school or exam ahead – we’ll structure the assessment around these requirements to provide tailored, transparent advice. Along with initial feedback, you’ll receive a comprehensive written report that details key takeaways and recommendations to ensure your child is on track – no matter what their academic aspirations.

Our assessments are an essential springboard for ongoing tuition, enabling us to target our support in the most effective way. Armed with insight into your child’s current level, an assessment gives you the confidence that you’re tackling the right areas, and gives your child the confidence to take September in their stride.

You can read all about our academic assessments on our website. Or simply get in touch to find out more and book a session.


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