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This month, we’re looking at why increasing numbers of students and parents are switching on to the benefits of online tutoring. With the trend clearly here to stay, here are our thoughts on how technology is changing tutoring for the better.


Far reaching and wide ranging

Where access to the best tutors was limited by your location, online tutoring transcends city walls and country borders. Students around the world can now find the right tutor no matter where they live, and in the same way that the Internet has democratized the sharing of information, online tutoring is levelling the learning playing field.

From our London home, we’ve worked with students across Europe, and as far afield as Nigeria, Brazil, Dubai or America. We’ve used online tutoring to help overseas students secure places at UK schools, and continue to support UK students in their studies abroad.


Increasingly engaging and future facing

Research has consistently shown that children find online learning more engaging, and this is only set to increase as today’s ‘screenagers’ – a generation that’s grown up connected with technology – continue their education.

At Figtree, we use the latest interactive whiteboards to bring subjects to life. With the ability to capture notes online and record sessions, students build a really valuable bank of resources for future revision and study.


More convenient and fully flexible

Our time is increasingly precious and perhaps one of the biggest advantages of online tutoring is the convenience of fitting sessions around your schedule. Many of our clients travel frequently, and working together online means your tutor can come away with you – ensuring consistent, uninterrupted support.

When it comes to effective tutoring, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Online sessions can be easily tailored to suit preferred learning styles and delivered across a range of platforms. At Figtree, we’ve had students who couldn’t access WiFi, so we’ve run sessions via FaceTime and WhatsApp video – no matter the medium, we make sure our lessons are always delivered effectively.

Making the move online may seem daunting to some parents, but we’ve found any concerns soon dissipate once they see the benefits it can bring – and with our complimentary first session, families are free to try it out for themselves.

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