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The rise of the machines

How online tutoring is changing the learning game


The Internet continues to revolutionise the way we live at an extraordinary pace, with digital technology now an integral part of family life. Meanwhile, the education sector has seen little change since the introduction of the blackboard in 1862 – and even that caused controversy, as people feared teachers turning their backs on the class would lead to increased disruption. However, the tide has turned and we’re beginning to see teachers, parents and students embrace online learning, from nursery right through to university.


Massive Open Online Courses – or MOOCs – are just one of the digital developments to change the face of learning. Dr Agarwal, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), argues that MOOCs make perfect sense for a generation of children born with keyboards ‘pinned to their fingers’. He’s such an advocate of their ability to transform education that he helped pioneer EdX – a joint initiative from MIT and Harvard University that offers 1600 online university-level courses to 12 million members around the world.


Whether through these more traditional distance learning courses, or the growing host of games, interactive platforms or animated exercises, online tutoring is gaining momentum. Along with the convenience of online learning, parents are reporting higher levels of enjoyment from their children. Research by Ryan Baker, a parent and a cognitive scientist who studies digital learning, found that 71% of students displayed engaged concentration, and they were on-task 82% of the time.


Although increasing numbers of learning providers are pushing the boundaries in software development, bringing subjects to life through pre-recorded sessions or animations, some pertain there is a risk in doing away with human interaction altogether. With this in mind, increasing numbers of tutoring companies are offering face-to-face lessons online, helping families to harness the best of both worlds.


With Figtree Learning, children can enjoy one-to-one sessions through a variety of platforms, tailored to suit their preferred learning styles. Parents benefit from the convenience of the online medium, but can rest assured that their child is still receiving the professional expertise and complete attention of a real tutor.


With online tutoring clearly here to stay, this month’s blog is dedicated to exploring the benefits it can bring. If you’d like to find out more about what we can do to help, check out our online services or get in touch with the team.

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