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As schools around the country settle back into a new academic year, some classrooms may not look – or feel – quite the same. With educational technology, or edtech, on the rise, we look at the latest tools to shake up teaching.


From conducting assessments to hosting resources, technology has played a part in education for many years. But with a recent survey revealing that 94% of educators believe it improves engagement levels, edtech is becoming central to schools’ learning strategies.


Education apps are just one way in which teachers are bringing lessons to life through technology. Quick to download, and often free, apps like Google Earth and Duolingo are accessible to everyone – and are an easy way to enhance the learning experience. While apps built around gamification, like Jolly Phonics, help children to learn through play, boosting creativity and problem-solving skills.


Communication technology is central to our daily lives, and teachers are starting to harness its potential too. Programs like Skype and Google Docs allow students to work together across multiple locations and devices, promoting collaboration and teamwork. Schools are bringing parents in on the act too – Class Dojo is just one example of a communication platform that allows teachers to share reports with parents, tracking progress and even uploading photos and videos, to get the whole family engaged.


So what’s next? Many are tipping video as the next step in the digital transformation of classrooms. While some schools may be using video to reinforce what’s already been covered, educators are only just beginning to recognise it as a primary learning resource.


Today’s children are already familiar with this format, so using digital stories in the classroom enables students to learn in a language they already know – and engage with. With Cisco predicting 82% of all internet traffic will be in video by 2022, it looks set to make a greater appearance on the school timetable.


Technology is clearly touching every aspect of our lives now, so in this month’s blog post we share the family-friendly apps that can really make a difference to your daily routine.

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