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The benefits of private tuition – all you need to know

What is private tuition?

In a nutshell, private tuition is a way to continue education beyond the classroom, or another formal learning setting. It can cover one or more subjects, and is designed to improve the student’s ability and confidence in a particular area.


A tutor, with the relevant academic expertise, will work one-to-one with the student over a period of time, with sessions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This doesn’t have to be face to face – increasing numbers of tutors will work remotely if needed, via online collaboration platforms like Skype.


What are the advantages of private tuition?

Everybody learns in a different way, and private tuition can help students thrive in a setting that suits them. For children in particular, classroom-based learning can’t always deliver the one-to-one attention that’s required to cement a solid understanding of a subject. Private tuition can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, and with the help of more focused instruction, pupils can overcome their personal learning challenges and build their confidence across the curriculum.


For families, private tuition provides a flexible way to build education into their busy daily lives. Whether online or face to face, tutors will work around your schedule to deliver engaging sessions, in a comfortable environment, that enhance the learning experience for everyone.



How is tutoring beneficial?

Whether a student is preparing for entry to a new school, or about to embark on state exams, competition can be tough. And children are increasingly feeling the pressure. But a tutor can help boost confidence by addressing weaknesses, building strengths and bringing the fun back to learning – so that students can take every academic challenge in their stride.


The tailored nature of private tuition is not only more personal, it can be more effective too. Without the pressures of the classroom or the distractions of friends, students are more focused and can cover more material, in less time.


Does tutoring improve grades?

Although studies are limited, research suggests that students who receive private tuition can expect to see increased grades as a result. While the level of achievement will depend on each individual, it’s a logical conclusion that the more time and focus spent on a subject, the more successful the student will be. And in the competitive search for a spot at the top schools or universities, tutoring can provide that critical edge.


But it’s worth remembering that tutoring can do more than just boost grades. Even for students who are already excelling, it can provide new challenges that broaden horizons and spark new interests.


What is private tuition


How many hours of tutoring are recommended?

Every student is different, and a good tutor should advise what’s an appropriate level of tuition to help you reach your goals. Ideally, the tutor will first conduct an academic assessment to get a better idea of your current level, and aspirations for the sessions. From there, they can devise a tailored plan that will have the greatest impact.


As a general rule, sessions should be regular enough to maintain momentum, and to continue building on classroom learning. So this might be once to twice a week during term time – with more condensed study over the holidays.


What should I look for in a private tutor?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your tutor. Successful student-tutor relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. So find someone that understands the way you like to learn, and is able to flex their approach to bring out your very best.


Tutors should come with thorough background checks and references, and of course a strong track record in their chosen subjects. For students turning to tutoring for help with entrance to a specific school, it’s worth looking for a tutor that has experience working with that institution – and has successfully tutored current pupils.


What is private tuition


How do I find a good tutor?

Private tuition has really taken off in recent years, and there’s a wealth of agencies, individuals and online platforms offering support. But finding the right tutor for you means remembering why you’re considering tutoring in the first place. Tutors need to be able to work around your schedule, tailoring their sessions to suit your learning style.


At Figtree Learning, all our tutors share our commitment to tailored tuition. We work to find the right tutor for each student, and with a dedicated support team on hand, we aim to make private tuition a stress-free, enjoyable and engaging experience for all.

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