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When should you turn to tuition?

Whether it’s in preparation for an exam or for support in a specific subject, to boost your child’s confidence or boost their chances of entry to a top school, the decision to start private tuition can be a difficult one. And even once you’ve committed to go ahead, finding the right tutor in an increasingly crowded market is vital to ensure it’s a positive experience for the whole family.


So this month, we’re sharing our five favourite ways tutoring can help – and our five top tips to help you get started with us if you do decide to go ahead.


Why choose tutoring for your child?


1. Catch up
Even in the best schools, teachers can’t always provide the dedicated attention a child needs. If they’re struggling with a particular subject, it’s easy to fall behind – and this can really affect motivation and confidence. But with the undivided attention of a private tutor, children can focus on honing their skills at a pace that works for them.

2. Get ahead
Whether a necessary part of the national curriculum or to gain entry into a top school, exams pave the way for your child’s academic future. With that potential can come incredible pressure, but the right tutor can help your child prepare effectively and calmly.

3. Boost confidence
Even if your child isn’t struggling with a particular subject, schools are competitive places to be. Through one-to-one support, that’s tailored to suit the learning style of your child, a tutor can help build self-belief and motivation across the curriculum.

4. Have fun
Whether they’re falling behind or are excelling and feeling unchallenged, children can quickly fall out of love with learning. That’s when it can really help to inject some fun back into education, with a tutor that can bring lessons to life in a way that’s right for your child.

5. Branch out
Children thrive in different ways, and classroom-based learning isn’t always enough for everyone. Whether through online tutoring, one-to-one sessions, coaching, mentoring or homeschooling, tutoring can unlock a vast variety of new ways to learn.


Top tips for starting tuition with Figtree:


1. Listen to recommendations
Whether through personal recommendations or testimonials online, read up on the experiences of other parents and students – here are a few of our favourite stories to get you started.

2. Check out references
Any tutor you choose should come with a full set of references. We work with a leading agency that conducts thorough background checks, including DBS. We’re also a corporate member of the The Tutors’ Association – the industry’s professional body – and our founder was the keynote speaker at their first national conference in 2016.

3. Talk to your school
Most schools are very supportive of additional tuition, and will advise you on the subjects to focus on. Their feedback also helps us to tailor our sessions and set appropriate goals for our students.

4. Consider going online
Technology today can bring the best tutors right into your home, and it can even be a more comfortable option for shy children, or those accustomed to growing up online. We’re experienced in delivering engaging and effective online sessions, and have worked with children all around the world, including Nigeria, India, Dubai and America.

5. Meet before you commit
Tutoring should be a partnership. Figtree offers a complimentary initial meeting so you can make sure both you and your child feel comfortable with our choice of tutor.


Ready to get started or keen to know more? Visit the services section of our website for more on what we offer, or get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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