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Extra tuition – over the top or an essential top up?

Increasing numbers of parents are turning to private tuition. But with their children already attending often excellent – and sometimes costly – schools, why do they feel the need to top up their education?


A recent article in The Telegraph reported 60-70% of students at one London agency came from independent schools – and many of these children are already excelling. So if the decision to pursue private tuition isn’t indicative of shortcomings in children’s full time education, why do parents feel it’s necessary?


For many, tutoring offers a different approach, and one that can be individually tailored to meet the needs of the child. Even in the smaller classrooms of independent schools, teachers can’t give one-on-one support to all of their students, all of the time. Though some schools may have their reservations, many are supportive of private tuition – even referring their pupils if they feel they would benefit from additional help in a particular subject.


Parents will often turn to tutoring when their child needs a little extra help in a specific area – with maths, the sciences and foreign languages most often the focus. But it’s also becoming increasingly common for children who are already doing well to use tutoring as a way to secure a spot at their school or university of choice. With competition fierce for the best institutions, and children starting tuition at even younger ages, more parents now see this as an essential way to help their child get ahead.


At Figtree, we pride ourselves on our caring approach, diligently tailoring sessions to meet our students’ individual ambitions and aspirations. So if you think tutoring could be right for your child, get in touch with the team to find out how we can help them achieve their full potential.

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