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30th October 2019

This month, we talk to Maria Rosengren, Admissions Director at Halcyon London International School, about her role, how Halcyon is creating a student-first community, and the advantages of an international outlook.

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25th September 2019

This month we talk to James Kassam, Head of Marketing at RoosterMoney, about how the app is helping parents to raise more financially savvy children. Read on to discover more, and to receive your exclusive discount code.

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26th June 2019

This month we spoke to A-level tutor James about how to choose A-level subjects, his top revision tips and what he’s learnt from his own A-level journey.

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22nd May 2019

This month we talk to sleep expert James Connolly about the importance of sleep, why he believes it holds the key to living optimally, and how we can all improve our bedtime routine.

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24th April 2019

This month we talk to maths tutor Joshua about the importance of the subject, how students can overcome their anxiety and why his mantra is ‘practice, practice, practice’.

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21st March 2019

This month we talk to language tutor Timothee about why it’s important for children to learn another language, how he suggests students improve their linguistic skills, and which language he’d choose to speak fluently.

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27th February 2019

This month we talk to environmental science tutor Vasiliki Kioupi about how she approaches this critical subject, and what parents can do at home to encourage an environmental conscience in their children.

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23rd January 2019

This month we talk to Richard Maurice, Lead Geography Consultant for the Harris Federation, about the importance of geography, his passion for the subject, and where it can take today’s students.

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19th December 2018

This month we talk to Tom Hamilton Stubber, Director of Operations at TutorCruncher, about the benefits of technology in tuition – and what the future holds for education in a digital world.

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24th October 2018

This month, Figtree founder Ariana shares her thoughts on what makes a great tutor, how she goes about finding the right fit for Figtree – and who she’d most like to see join her team.

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19th September 2018

This month we spoke to Kian, a Figtree student and keen tennis player about the benefits of tuition, his hopes for the future and why he’d most like to have dinner with Roger Federer.

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24th May 2018

Figtree tutor and One Degree volunteer, Rudi Moghaddam talks to us about maths, mentoring and the magic of a little self-belief.

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19th April 2018

Established English tutor, accomplished writer and passionate founder of Figtree’s first creative writing class, Khaled Naim is helping children rediscover the joy of the written word. We talk to Khaled about his tutoring career and how creative writing can benefit students across the curriculum.

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23rd February 2018

This month we talk to Rishi Sankar, our resident 11-plus expert, on how his former career at the BBC has shaped the tutor he’s become.

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19th January 2018

This month, we talk to Figtree tutor Aoife Loftus about what makes her tick and the secrets of a successful tutor-student relationship.

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