26th May 2024

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24th October 2018

This month, Figtree founder Ariana shares her thoughts on what makes a great tutor, how she goes about finding the right fit for Figtree – and who she’d most like to see join her team.

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24th October 2018

As the demand for private tuition grows, so does the wealth of tutoring talent on offer. From retired schoolteachers to young graduates, English experts to maths masters, the tutoring community is wonderfully diverse – but what does it take to become part of the Figtree family?

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24th October 2018

The private tuition industry is booming. Increasing competition, over-stretched schools and an ever-increasing pace of change are prompting parents to turn to tutors to give their children the edge. But with a proliferation of agencies, freelancers and online giants all promising results, what should parents really be looking for when choosing a tutor for their family?

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